Just a quick post re ‘transitioning’ – transition: – the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

The two articles attached really focus on leadership transition – ‘developing new capability and letting go of previously held responsibilities’.

The following two PDF’s (The Leadership Pipeline & The_First_90_Days) can be found at the following Dropbox link:

Although the articles are not recent, they do hold some valuable information on aspects of transition – letting go of the past, before moving forward.

Transition works in all areas of peoples / teams / organisations lives, same examples being:

  • waterfall to agile
  • manager to leader
  • tech lead to manager
  • project manager to scrum master
  • scrum master to agile coach
  • single to married
  • no children to children
  • start-up to SME
  • old job to new job

When you are impacted by ‘change’, what is your first reaction? How much do you hang on to old habits, hoping that things will ‘be the same‘? When a new team member joins your team, introducing new ways of working and the voices in the room shout – ‘we don’t do that here!‘ – How many times have you heard that…

I work with change and I coach through the change, to enable recognition of the transition and to exploit and enable growth through unseen challenges. It’s not easy for some.

I love the challenge and curiosity that comes from working with potential – even if someone or the team doesn’t recognise that potential in them.

Want to explore more want transition to could hold for you, your team or as a leader / manager. Please get in touch for a ‘free’ no obligation exploratory discussion – Skype / tel call or in person (if London).

Thanks for reading.

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