I see you…

Just reading my new Xmas book – If I Could Tell You Just One Thing…: Encounters with Remarkable People and Their Most Valuable Advice by Richard Reed.

I’ve learnt something new from the first encounter; “Sawubona“, a Zulu greeting to mean – I see you.

It comes from a chapter in the book about Bill Clinton and his quote –

‘One of the most important things is to see people.

The person who opens the door for you, the person who poursĀ 

your coffee. Acknowledge them. Show them respect’

– Bill Clinton

For 2017, for the rest of 2016 make an effort and ‘see the person’ that you encounter, meet, work with, whether the bus driver, your manager, your partner, your developers, your postman or the barista that serves you your daily coffee.

Look up from your Smartphone, end your call and see the person – acknowledge them.

The same could be said for you. See you and who you are – acknowledge you for who you are and let yourself be heard and be present.

Thanks for reading

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