Where nobody has ever been

We unconsciously make an assumption that we have all the time in the world and therefore don’t feel a sense of urgency of making the very most of the here and now.

An unconscious assumption that things, diets, goals, quit smoking, new business, new venture, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, can be put off till tomorrow, next week, the New Year.

Then we wake up and our whole life has passed us by.

Become mindful and aware, reflecting on your existence and an understanding of using your precious human life to the fullest.

Additional motivation from Marina Abramovic – marinaabramovicinstitute.org
– cultivating inner-awareness
– Being present, gaining consciousness to disentangle ourselves from the artificial structures of society
– ‘Where nobody has ever been…’

Coaching can do this – take you to where you’ve never been before; to take a team where they have never been before. The idea and creative journey that is a ‘transition’ – to move from one place to another. To give all you have to move, to find that place where you will be noticed and you will belong.

Change is hard but it’s possible. If you think it’s hard, then it is – give in and go home. Sit in front of your TV thinking about all the things that could have been; if only… I did this, did that, didn’t do that. Switch on to other people’s lives and live those. Immerse yourself in the TV-soapdom from the comfort and distorted illusion of your life.

‘People to have realise we can create change by changing ourselves’ – Marina Abramovic

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