Ambiguity & Complexity

As a leader, newly appointed CEO or manager, do you find it difficult to work with ambiguity and complexity? Teams new to Agile or agile or agility (mindset or practices or being), with a hint of VUCA sauce.

You’ve done very well in your old job or you’ve transitioned to a new role but still things are constantly changing – nothing stands still. The team have transitioned to ‘stand-ups’:

  • the dynamics of a new role
  • the disruptive dynamics of competition
  • relationship conflicts
  • organisational dilemmas
  • agile / digital transformation – over and beyond stand-ups (even though that’s a major shift in some cases)

As a coach and coachee (team), can you hold the dynamic when the issue brought to the relationship is open-ended, ambiguous and undefined.

It’s important to have the emotional resilience that out of what is happening in the present, outcomes and shaping of solutions can naturally emerge.

The incremental development of innovative and creative visioning will master a solution that resonates with the coachee, allowing fluid movement from the abstract.

Issues that define a present context at work are ambiguous and holding onto a notion that you must have a fixed goal or outcome, when you haven’t fully immersed yourself in the issues ambiguity.

Sometimes goal setting in a coaching relationship allows an easy path for the coach and an illusion of moving forward for the coachee. Holding an issue for all that it is and to let that issue run its own, natural path.

Look at the ambiguity and think of the issues as it sets a compass with possible directions – from and to, and sideways. Staying with the frustration and how it manifests in your thoughts, emotion, intuition and embodied sense.

Coaching is not always about goal setting, with pushing forward because it seems that’s what is expected. Work with unstructured and unfocused activity but having an awareness of what form, shape, colour, sense is being surfaced.

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