A Brompton Ride, Putney Bridge, Coffee and a Coaching Insight

Coaching, a relationship, in which to facilitate, support and grow the performance, confidence and resilience of another.

The coaching relationship enables the emergence of a purpose, and the desire to be who you need to be.

Whether you are an individual, leader, executive, a team, we are all human – we all have dreams, hopes, desire and ambition.

Why do I coach? What is my purpose in coaching? My ‘purpose‘ – to realise something more that exists within a person or a team, to work with their confidence, blockers, issues, baggage, old habits and not to dismiss the negative, as they cannot exist in isolation.┬áIt’s a starting point in which to recognise, appreciate and build upon – it has a quality, a need that is trying to express itself.

Whatever is holding you back, from moving forward, that sense of ‘stuckness‘; our coaching relationship will find the traction to move. It will find the voice inside of you that will give you the permission to change.

Do you need to find your voice?

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